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Drive marketing campaigns with personalized postcards.

The Opportunity

Our portfolio of digital printing solutions and services offers the

telecommunications industry a better way to drive marketing campaigns

with personalized postcards that get results.

Direct mail postcards can be a powerful communications tool. They do it all, from highlighting

a weekend sales promotion to enhancing your corporate image. Now there’s an even more

powerful alternative to generic direct mail: personalized postcards.

A high-impact, cost-effective communications vehicle, personalized postcards can be sent to

individual customers. Or customized postcards can focus on specific groups of customers. With variable information technology, postcards can be printed with targeted text and illustrations designed to appeal to a specific type of customer.

Build on the benefits.

Many studies have proven that personalized direct mail increases response rates and shortens

response times compared to mass communications methods. More likely to be read than

tossed away, these customized communications can result in greater customer retention and

increased revenue per customer.

The more targeted the campaign, the more effective it is. Studies have shown that

personalized direct mail enjoys response rates as high as 34 percent versus generic mass

mailings that typically generate 2% response rates. What’s more, these postcards can be

printed on demand to accommodate additional print runs.

Our Advantage

Our digital print solution uses a workflow that draws on variable data composition to create

custom postcards. Providing text and graphics relevant to each recipient creates personal

“touch points” that allow the postcard to connect more effectively with the targeted


Telecommunications marketers can communicate to each direct mail recipient as an

“audience of one,” driving response rates higher. A customer who receives a personalized postcard is far more likely to purchase a new service plan or upgrade a current one.

A solution recently helped one retailer increase the response rate to marketing materials

from 1.5% to 14%.

One-on-one conversations.

Carefully chosen images and content promote specific service plans; they encourage more

careful reading and a quicker response. Customized postcards can be printed with individually

selected color images based on target audience demographics. In addition, postcards can be

economically printed in standard sizes or oversized to stand out in the mail.

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Newsletters with useful information can enhance customer relationships.

The Opportunity

Our print-on-demand and highlight-color solutions provide different levels

of versioning or customization for a strong of the many newsletter composition tools we offer.

For power companies, regular, high-quality communications with customers can add value to

a relationship based on a commodity product. A well-produced newsletter is a cornerstone

document in this communications flow.

The need for effective communications is especially critical at a time when the electric energy

industry is undergoing state and federally sponsored transition, or electric restructuring. In

states that have undertaken deregulation, the owners of local distribution lines must make

them available to competitors. Under this model, to encourage competition, customers may

buy electricity from a number of producers.

Quality communications help build relationships.

Keeping customers informed and disinclined to switch is critical to growth and survival. Good

communications explaining rate changes, service advantages, etc., enable customers to feel

informed and valued.

Newsletters can affect the way other audiences, such as targets of lobbying efforts and

community leaders, support a local utility’s activities. Messages can vary depending on

the audience.

Our Advantage

A good newsletter delivers value by imparting practical information that helps customers solve a particular problem or meet a special need. The example here discusses how customers, or subscribers, can “winterize” their homes to save money by becoming more energy-efficient.

The document is printed in full color on a 12" x 8" sheet folded into four panels.

Personalized content adds impact.

Variable printing enables utilities to tailor newsletter messages, aiming them at a targeted

audience. For example, newsletter contents can be static on the cover and back and

customized on the inside spread. This enables the utility to direct the same—but different—

newsletter to a wider range of readers.

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