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Business Development Plans


Use customized postcards to build awareness of your services.

The Opportunity

A customized and personalized postcard created with our solution will

deliver a cost-effective and powerful business communication solution.

Realtors® believe that people living in a neighborhood are there because they like it and

would recommend it to friends and family. That’s why Just Listed and Just Sold postcards are very important tools.

An effective Just Listed postcard, personally addressed, typically features a picture of the

home and is sent to people living in the neighborhood. Along with “recruiting” people to spread the word, it aids in fulfilling the broker’s obligation to properly advertise the home in order to solicit a sale.

Helps the listing broker also be the selling broker.

Realtors who sell their own listings get a full commission—typically six percent of the

selling price. If they list and somebody else sells the property, the listing agent gets half

the commission.

Since selling a house within the first two weeks of listing is a Realtor’s best chance of getting

the whole commission, Just Listed postcards should go out as soon as possible.

Talking up success leads to more success.

The Just Sold postcard is another useful tool. Its purpose is to solicit additional listings by

showing recent success and a “can-do” attitude.

Obtaining new listings is at least half the job of any successful broker, so touting success while

it’s still news is essential.

Our Advantage

Localized direct mail lets people know that the sale is being handled by a service-oriented


The Just Listed postcard should prominently feature the home, which makes full color

the best option. With digital cameras, a Realtor can upload a picture to a centralized

production solution.

The Just Sold postcard can use highlight color and black and white and should include a

confident, professional-looking photo of the Realtor.

Additional Real Estate Marketing: Business Cards; Open House Brochures; Listing Solicitation Letters; Broker Listing Contracts; Broker Thank-You Note Cards; Personalized Open House Registration Book; Personalized Gift Boxes.

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Customized flyers and coupons will increase response rates.

The Opportunity

A major retail chain in Michigan wanted to take its existing loyalty program

to the next level. With a 1:1 Personalized Marketing Communications, the chain enjoyed increased response rates and a dramatic boost in sales associated with targeted promotions. Total store activity increased by 8 percent.

Using special offers, discounts and coupons is a major strategy to increase sales volume in

many retail operations. The drawback: most offers are too generic, meaning all shoppers

receive the same communication, regardless of their preference for the product on sale.

How retailers differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Marketing studies prove that a specific, time-limited discount calls more people to action

than a generic awareness promotion. If it does no more than attract traffic to the store, then

the first goal of the campaign is accomplished. However, if the ultimate goal is to promote a

specific product over its competitors, or to promote an actual purchase (instead of just a store

“visit”), a more targeted strategy is required.

Our Advantage

Today, many database mining tools are available to help identify consumers’ specific buying

habits and patterns. Many retailers also have “clubs” or “memberships” where customer

participation carries permission to track their purchases and serve them better.

As a result of information retrieved from point of sale systems, purchasing preferences

can be determined and coupons, flyers and offers can be highly targeted to the

consumer’s preferences.

People want to be communicated with as individuals.

Numerous controlled studies have shown the up-sell and cross-sell ratio of targeted campaigns

yields substantially higher revenue than in a generic campaign. Producing flyers containing

graphics or messages tailored to the target consumer is effective. Marrying a specific discount

coupon to that flyer makes it even more effective.

Accurate measurement is critical to success.

The evidence for these claims can only be collected if the coupon contains a customer’s

specific identification. This may be buried in a barcode, but the coupon has more psychological

impact if the person’s name is imprinted on the document. The feeling of being identified for a

special privilege will improve the response rate of the campaign.

Our variable data publishing solutions can create, compose and print such flyers and coupons

on demand.

Additional Retail Marketing: Retail Signage; Flyers with Coupons; Postcards; Membership and Loyalty Programs; Business Cards; Employee Newsletters; Shelf Talkers; Custom Catalogs; Packing and Distribution Documentation, Invoices and Statements; CD Labels.

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Program as fund-raiser supports the game that supports the school.

The Opportunity

Creating professional-looking special event programs is simplified with our

digital production press.

With 50 percent of their budget dependent on state funding, school districts are vulnerable to

state spending cuts in times of economic difficulty. With 80 percent of school spending going

to salaries, spending cuts translate directly into teacher job cuts, typically in programs like

music, art and sports.

To lessen the impact of these negative economic realities, many schools try to raise extra

funds wherever they can. One favorite way is through special sports events.

You can’t tell the players without a program.

Few things get alumni juices flowing like a homecoming game or other special sports event.

Booster clubs, community members and parents of students also are potential ticket buyers

to “the big game.”

Augmenting admission and concession fees is the souvenir program—a proven fund-raising

tool. An attention-getting program gives people a tangible piece of memorabilia that also

helps them follow the game. It provides a vehicle for the school administration and athletic

department to communicate with an interested audience.

Our Advantage

The program is handed to fans when they arrive at the stadium or playing field. The example

seen here is full-color throughout to justify the price listed on its cover.

The 16-page saddle-stitched program contains team statistics, player profiles, history of the

continuing rivalry between the two teams playing the game and a message from the home

team coach.

Paid ads boost fund-raising capability.

The program also includes small-space advertisements and feature cover ads. These not only

offset the cost of producing the program but can also add to the funds raised.

Our digital production press or printer can produce the program in-house as a short-run job.

Additional Pre K-12 Marketing: Bumper Stickers; Buss Route Map and Schedule; Certificates; Course Pack; Floor Plan; Report Card; Safety Poster; Special Event Program; Sports Calendar, Magnetic Calendars; Sports Program; Student Planner; Telephone Directory.

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Why not a poster, merchandise catalog, and media kit for every sports program?

The Opportunity

Our production solutions enable athletic departments to produce vibrant,

full-color posters, catalogs, media kits and more that tie in with other sports and marketing communication materials.

When it’s time to hype the big game, a media mix comprised of print, TV and radio

advertising can include print-on-demand signage, posters, media kits, merchandise catalogs as well as  completely coordinate and integrated with other materials. As a valuable part of

a marketing program, colorful posters offer a potent combination of cost-effectiveness, visibility and eye appeal for students, alumni and fans.

Although a full media plan can only apply to major athletic events, the sheer variety of

men’s and women’s sports suggests an amazing volume of

 potential fans for other games:

• Baseball • Rowing

• Basketball • Skiing

• Cross Country • Soccer

• Fencing • Softball

• Field Hockey • Swimming

• Football • Tennis

• Golf • Track, Indoor

• Gymnastics • Track, Outdoor

• Ice Hockey • Volleyball

• Lacrosse • Water Polo

• Rifle • Wrestling

With the right kind of print production capability,

there’s no reason not to promote every sport with

its own cost-effective poster or posters.

Our Advantage

The look and feel of posters should “family” with the design of other communications,

strengthening the overall brand of the college or university. Integrating poster content with

other materials produced for the big game or other major event will extend the message,

giving it a more universal tone.

The example seen here is a large color poster celebrating an annual homecoming game.

It could just as easily feature a divisional championship, playoff qualification or other

noteworthy athletic event.

Additional Sports Marketing: Weekly Game Program; Media Kit; Merchandise Catalog; Homecoming Poster; Season Tickets.

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