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Drive higher response rates with personalized postcards.

The Opportunity

Direct mail is an ideal way to communicate the value of insurance offerings

quickly and efficiently to current and potential customers.

It’s also true that direct mail response rates are not always as high as insurance companies

and agents would like them to be.

One-to-one ensures a great turnout.

To increase direct mail’s effectiveness, communications materials must be designed for

maximum impact. That means delivering a good idea via concise text and using colors that

jump off the page. And one other thing: the message must be relevant and speak directly to

each recipient. That means personalized communications.

To deliver specific marketing messages to targeted demographics, personalization is the

way to go. It’s a great way to zero in on your intended audience. Research shows that personalized mailings can produce spectacular results, delivering increases in repeat orders

of 48 percent along with a 32 percent increase in overall revenues*.

*According to a recent CAP Ventures study.

Our Advantage

We have a solution that really puts the direct in direct mail: personalized postcards. Bold,

bright, personalized postcards are more likely to pique the interest of people who want to

upgrade their coverage or purchase new insurance.

Our direct mail solution leverages the latest digital print technology to provide variable

information options so marketers can speak to each recipient as an “audience of one,” driving

response rates and strengthening the brand image of insurance companies and agents alike.

It’s easy to get personal.

Due to the large sheet size available with today’s digital printing devices, personalized

postcards can be oversized and printed in large multi-up formats to stand out in the mail.

Postcards can be also be color printed with individually selected images, depending on

predetermined criteria for the target audience.


Additional Insurance Marketing: Personalized Invitations; Agent Newsletters; Posters; Brochures; Website; Custom Gift Card Mailer; Direct Mail Solicitation; Business Cards; Invoice with Cross-Sell Message; Calendars; Letterhead; Product Brochures; Recruitment Magazines; Signage.

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Customize investment materials to show your client’s specific financial goals.

The Opportunity

Our production solutions enable securities and investments firms to

produce customized brochures and booklets based on clients’ specific financial goals and interests.

Many financial consultant offices have brochures and rack cards containing information

about securities and investments solutions. These include planning for retirement, tax-wise

investing, investing with mutual funds, insurance products and other financial planning and

investment topics.

Customization comes of age.

Instead of spreading investment information over a set of brochures and rack cards, a financial consultant can have the information tailored specifically to individual clients and prospects. After interviewing the target and determining his or her needs, the specialist can enter the information into a database and order a customized booklet.

Quality up, cost down.

Such booklets are now cost efficient with print-on-demand and variable printing technologies.

Colorful elements, such as pie charts and graphs, can be specific to each individual’s personal

financial situation.

Our Advantage

Our systems combined with software products allow allow financial specialists to produce exactly what investors want: truly individualized financial plans.

Mix of monochrome and color.

Until we introduced SuperSupportTeam it was virtually impossible to produce colorful financial analyses for individuals on demand. But now, financial institutions are able to provide one-to-one investment materials in short order.

Color and monochrome outputs can be mixed into one bound book. This is easily

accomplished using our printing systems and available finishing options.

Additional Investment and Securities Marketing: Personalized Seminar Invites; Long-Term-Planning Brochures; Long-Term-Planning Poster; Financial Planning and Profiling; Pitch Book/Proposal; Long-Term-Planning Business Cards.

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Personalized marketing materials connect with physicians and deliver results.

The Opportunity

Our production solutions and services make personalized information packages dramatically effective communications for pharmaceutical reps.

With only 15 minutes of face time per month with each doctor, pharmaceutical reps need to

make the most of their sales appointments. Being prepared with an integrated physician’s

package that speaks to each physician as an “audience of one” can make the difference

between making a convincing case or losing out to a competitive drug.

Sales reps continue to play key role.

Beginning in 2007, life sciences organizations reduced their reliance on the sales force in favor

of multiple channels, each targeted at specific customer segments. Until then, however, the

pharmaceutical sales rep was still a primary conduit for delivering vital marketing information

to the physician community.

Targeted physician materials grab attention—and hold it.

Meanwhile, it’s becoming harder and harder for pharmaceutical companies to discover novel

medications. Many new products are improvements and enhancements to what is already

on the market. This makes it more critical than ever for detail reps to have access to the latest

marketing materials that clearly educate, differentiate and make an impact.

Our Advantage

Marketing materials need to be efficiently produced while allowing for the demands of

regulatory compliance. Often, print materials are subject to constant revisions and updates

concerning product claims and other factors, and these changes must be tracked to prevent

reps from distributing unapproved or obsolete content.

We meet this challenge with an innovative way for pharmaceutical reps to easily create

customized packs, based on computerized information about the physician’s prescribing

habits—providing only the most relevant, up-to-date materials for their prospects and

maximizing their limited time on each appointment.

Eliminates time-consuming hand assembly of preprinted materials.

Without question, a cohesive and integrated package that clearly communicates how a

product is different and clinically superior stands out from the clutter of materials that

physicians typically receive.

Additional Life Sciences Marketing: Direct to Physician Communication; Trainer Workbooks; Student Workbooks; Regulatory Documentation; Personal Patient Diary; Case Report Forms.

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Product documentation can affect customer satisfaction and goodwill.

The Opportunity

We provide comprehensive, on-demand publishing solutions that ensure timely delivery of product documentation, document solutions and

high-quality catalogs, quickly and cost-effectively.

High-tech manufacturers are driven by continuing advances in knowledge, which produce

a stream of improved products. This results in a need for constantly updated product

documentation and sales materials, such as maintenance manuals, user manuals, warranty

information, and product catalogs.

Affordable catalogs are like extra feet on the street.

A comprehensive product catalog can give manufacturers an advantage in meeting consumer

needs by previewing their products and potentially influencing buying decisions before they

are made.

For many manufacturing and high-technology companies, the processes for creating,

producing and distributing product documentation can be time-consuming and costly.

How does this thing work?

Buy any piece of equipment and you will usually find a packet of documents included in the

product packaging. End users rely on this information, which covers installation, safety,

optimal use and product specifications.

With most modern companies employing just-in-time manufacturing processes, the inclusion

of the right information with the right product at the right time is critical. Manually sorting

and packing this information can impede time to market.

Our Advantage

We offer a totally integrated, product-to-market document solution—one that allows

companies to deliver documentation faster to keep pace with rapid product changes,

while significantly reducing document production cycle times and costs.

Our solution creates professional-quality documents that are printed, collated and finished

on demand in a seamless production process, emerging from the system ready to be packed

and shipped.

Streamlining the product documentation process.

The example seen here combines a user manual for a high-tech product, a postage-paid owner

registration and survey card on heavy stock, a copy of the product warranty, and a catalog of additional products and replacements part.

All product documentation pieces are digitally archived and printed on demand to speed time

to market and to allow changes to be made with more flexibility.

Additional Manufacturer Marketing: Direct to Physician Communication; Trainer Workbooks; Student Workbooks; Regulatory Documentation; Personal Patient Diary; Case Report Forms.

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