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Newsletters help subscribers stay aware, informed and loyal.

The Opportunity

Our print-on-demand and variable data composition technologies provide everything needed to ensure that newsletters are eagerly anticipated and read. The results are improved communications and enhanced loyalty.

Rising healthcare cost and coverage premiums, combined with increasingly intense competition in the marketplace, mean that insurance companies must do everything they can to make the most of their relationships with members.

Those who are not happy with their coverage or service are much more likely to switch plans. And insurers have found that it's extremely expensive to replace or regain a member who has gone elsewhere for coverage.

Losing members is not an option.

One of the best ways to keep members is to communicate with them–clearly, consistently and frequently. Newsletters are proven communications tools for doing this. But they must be professional-looking and filled with relevant text and graphics.

Our Advantage

A regularly scheduled newsletter that explains benefits and coverage, offers uplifting stories about plan members and provides advice on fitness, nutrition and general health is an extraordinary communications vehicle. We provide digital, print-on-demand tools to print newsletters quickly, in just the quantity needed.

We also make it possible to create newsletters that feature articles targeted to each plan member. Creating a healthcare newsletter that leverages personalized and customized content is an effective way to connect with plan members. For example, a cover story about osteoporosis could be included in newsletters sent specifically to female subscribers.

Our solutions work hard on many levels

Various levels of versioning, customization and personalization are provided in many of the newsletter composition tools offered in our portfolio.

And with print-on-demand solutions, there are no costly and unnecessary hard copies to grow stale in expensive storage areas. Plus, corporate communications are always accurate and up-to-date.

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Colorful brochures help patients stay healthy, happy and connected.

The Opportunity

Our portfolio of solutions and services offers customized color brochures that inform patients while strengthening their relationships with healthcare providers.

At a time of rising healthcare cost and complexities, providers have to make the most of their relationships with patients. This has led to a renewed emphasis on marketing and promotional materials.

A simple yet effective way to reach out to former and prospective patients is through brochures that provide high-quality information.

Make patients the top priority.

Professional-looking brochures are very effective communications tools. A brochure that encourages a proactive, preventive approach to health is one of the best ways to make sure patients feel important, informed and even part of the provider's family.

Our Advantage

Using the versioning capabilities provided by our print-on-demand solutions, brochures can feature variable content and images that specifically match the demographics of the recipient. These might include age, gender, geographic location, indicated preferences and others, helping to create a customized brochure that offers useful disease-specific content.

Focus on information that patients can use.

Various levels of versioning and customizing are provided in many of the brochure composition tools offered in our portfolio.

And with print-on-demand solutions, there are no costly and unnecessary hard copies in expensive storage areas. A healthcare provider's communications are always accurate and current.

Additional Healthcare Provider Marketing: Educational/Awareness Brochures; Direct Mail; Admissions Form; Posters; Training Manuals; Appointment Reminder; Discharge Instructions; Illness Brochures; Menus; Educational Brochures; Departmental Newsletters; Patient Bill of Rights; Forms; Patient Invoice.

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Fulfillment brochures make a special connection with college students.

The Opportunity

Our portfolio of solutions and services can help colleges and universities create full-color customized and personalized materials that get results.

Attracting the best applicants to higher education institutions has long been a challenge for recruiters. One way colleges and university are effectively reaching out to prospects is through personalized fulfillment brochures.

The recruitment task is not likely to get any easier, considering full-time enrollment is projected to increase at a rate of just one percent annually over the next decade.

Getting noticed is everything.

To gain a competitive advantage in their recruitment efforts, higher education institutions are using a number of creative new ways to court prospective students. These include special financial aid packages, tuition discounts, party or reception invitations, and premium items featuring the school's name and logo, such as sports gear.

The goal is to make an emotional connection, to trigger a sense of belonging on the part of the prospect. A successful recruitment effort will cause prospects to see themselves on campus.

Our Advantage

Personalized fulfillment brochures feature variable content and images specifically tailored to an individual's profile and interest. Relevant combinations of graphics, text and offers will increase response rates by as much as 1,500 percent!

The more "touch points," the higher the impact.

Providing text and graphics relevant to the prospective applicant creates personal "touch points" that allow the brochure to connect with the reader more effectively.

This directly translates into higher returns.

Additional Higher Education Marketing: Student Handbooks; Orientation Handbooks; Overhead Transparencies and Booklet; Personalized Alumni Newsletters; Student Placement Letters; Course Pact; Data Collection Form; Reception Postcard Invite.

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Customized event brochure simplifies attendance for guest.

The Opportunity

One of the biggest reasons people attend events is to meet others with similar interest, backgrounds and jobs.

This makes the event brochure an important document with helpful information about a particular gathering.

An eye-catching brochure created for a specific event is a potent tool for conveying brand image, professionalism and appreciation for a guest's relationship with the hotel. Such a brochure should be included in the on-site package a guest receives upon arrival.

Helping guest be in the right place at the right time.

A customized event brochure has several functions. Content such as floor maps, meeting room locations and schedules ensures increased attendance at meetings.

The brochure also indicates the hotel's concern for guests' comfort and convenience, enhancing the hotel's image and helping to build and strengthen customer relationships.

Our Advantage

Templates for customized event brochures can be created by storing all static content–graphics, hotel floor plan, etc.–in an electronic repository, enabling brochures to be updated in real time, on demand, for each event.

A full-color folded brochure can also be co-branded with association and hotel logos to integrate with other event materials for a consistent look and feel.

Customization makes the most of every occasion.

Event managers can access our repository and order the high-quality brochures they need to serve their local customers.

Since every event is different, content can be customized for specific occasions. After selecting from a standard set of templates, they can add information directly related to the association or group they are hosting.

Additional Hospitality, Trade Show, Convention Marketing: Event brochures; Custom Menus; Name Tent and Name Badge; Brochures; Conference Books; Confirmation Letters; Save-the-date Postcards.

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