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We welcome the opportunity to help Businesses and organizations prepare an up-to-date business development plan with some of the marketing ideas we have listed on each of the following specialties–leave us a message on the contact page. Usually staff follows through with decisions that are more deliberate, focused and effective. We want clients' to build their profits for future growth using our formula for business development. Our 44 years of continuous marketing for clients has shown an impressive growth even during economic difficulties. Let us help plan for the future with a smarter means of working together. Below you will find suggestions for some of our  Business Development Services which can be a great help and assistance in growing your business and organization. We welcome the opportunity to make a PowerPoint® presentation for you at your convenience. Please add a note on the contact page if you would like for us to follow-up.

Business Development Plans


Be direct, clear and concise with members.

The Opportunity

Our comprehensive hardware, software and services provide the necessary tools for associations to create personalized materials for members.

Associations have a variety of audiences, including members, targets of lobbying efforts, community leaders, etc. Direct mail messages will vary depending on the audience.

Since an association's lifeblood is its membership, a key function is recruiting new members through targeted mailings. Ultimately, most of what is published is aimed at advancing the image, status and prestige of the association.

Achieve higher response rates and lower postage cost.

Associations spend $18.7 billion on purchasing activities each year. While $8.3 billion goes for printing expenses alone, the stamp is actually the most expensive part of a direct mail program.

Our Advantage

Our variable direct mail tools enable associations to customize and personalize mailings by topic, audience or desired results. Additionally, this solution facilitates delivery of clear, concise, easy-to-read documents that address association members as individuals.

Direct mail can take a variety of forms depending on goals and budgets. If the intent is simply to, for example, drive the reader to a website, a postcard or self-mailer will work just fine.

If the goal is to get recipients to ask for more information, arrange am appointment or give money, a perforated postage-paid reply postcard should be part of the self-mailer.

If it's important, customize it.

Retaining members and building relationships is easier to achieve with personalized solutions.

Additional Association Marketing: Membership Card with a letter; Membership Directory; Newsletters; Fund-raising Credit Card Offers; Financial Report with Officer Nomination; Professional Development Course Offerings Brochure and Certificates.


Stand out from the crowd with on-demand, customized brochures.

The Opportunity

Designing, creating, printing, storing and distributing brochures can be costly in terms of time and money. Our solution saves both.

Auto dealers must leverage every opportunity–including versioned brochures–to promote their role in the life of the automobile before, during and after the sale. Why? Net dealership count in 2001 fell by 350, the largest drop since 1993. Still, that was better than the performance in the 1990-92 recession, when the net dealership declined  averaged 600 per year. Acquisitions by large dealer groups, manufacturers' efforts to reduce or freeze the number of dealership points, and sagging economies in many regions were largely responsible.

High volumes, high cost, high obsolescence.

Auto manufacturers who want to enhance the productivity of their dealer network are beginning to invest co-marketing dollars to co-brand product brochures and enhance the value-add of individual dealerships. However, too many product brochures are produced in an offset process that usually dictates high volumes to keep the per-piece cost as low as possible. These large quantities must be distributed, stored and then destroyed when product changes occur.

Our Advantage

The auto manufacturer's corporate marketing department will clearly want to control the look, design and manufacturer's brand presentation. through the use of advanced web-based systems, the dealer can also add brochure content, such as logo, location maps, service hours, featured specials, and more. By having the manufacturer present a template design and the dealer providing (via web access) personalized content, each party portrays its strength to the total benefit of the consumer.

We eliminate the need for long-run brochures.

Personalized documents separate dealerships that will continue to grow from those destined to become next year's statistic. Such personalized documents can be created by storing all static content–graphics and text–in an electronic repository, enabling brochures to be updated in real time, on demand, as needed.

Additional Automobile Marketing: Dealer Newsletters; Calendars; Satisfaction Surveys; Lease Statements; Lease Renewals; Warranty; Direct Mail; Recall Notices.


Rewarding current customers for their loyalty is money well spent.

The Opportunity

Our marketing expertise is extended by our ability to help financial institutions reach preferred customers with information of value, including graphics and personalized data.

Most bank marketing experts agree that money spent to hold onto customers is far more productive than money spent to gain new ones. And studies generally show that customers utilizing more accounts and services at a bank are less likely to switch to another bank. This is particularly true when it comes to merger situations, when it's not uncommon for a bank to experience 20% attrition rates.

Many banks have improved their retention rates dramatically by offering loyalty and rewards programs.

Such programs link targeted bank activity to frequent-user rewards, similar to how airlines deploy their frequent-flyer programs. Typically, the rewards are linked to debit/credit card usage and new account openings. And rewards are tailored to mid- and high-level customers, as those targets are more profitable.

Our Advantage

Our digital technologies are ideal for printing high-frequency, full-color mailers. Even with short, branch-specific print runs, a bank can generate high-quality output similar to offset printing but without the cost associated with typical offset print runs.

Simple, low-cost personalization.

For example our digital production press allows for personalized printing of names and addresses of recipients, an important ingredient of any loyalty-building program. With our system, both four-color content and personalization can be achieved with a single run.

Additional Bank Marketing: Loyalty/Rewards Program; Training Materials; Event-Driven, Targeted Promotion; ATM Reference Wallet Card; Annual Gold Card Statement; Affinity Marketing Program; Monthly Statement; Cross Sell/Up-Sell Statements; Pitch Book/Proposal; Bank Merger Notification; Account Conversion.


Use attention-getting communications to encourage good citizenship.

The Opportunity

With unmatched print-on-demand expertise, we know how to help create schedule documents that win attention and increase passenger use.

In most cases, it's the responsibility of the local government to communicate public transportation availability and pricing. It's important to communicate departure times, routes, times, local attractions and other important information.

Because of unforeseen changes in schedules and routes, those responsible for creating schedules need a production resource that is both fast and highly flexible.

Boost reading, understanding and passengers.

Clean, straightforward design and useful highlighting can help important information stand out, aiding reading and understanding. Color graphics, including relevant pictures, can add appeal. Most schedules include maps with clearly marked route indications.

The experience of using the bus system begins well before the passenger boards. Providing information that is accurate and easy to find will help to increase the number of riders.

Our Advantage

The potential and proven advantages of on-demand printing, combined with our technology for creating memorable, easy-to-use communications, will enable any municipality or other authority to provide great schedule information for riders.

Digital enables changes faster than offset.

Many transport managers include local advertisers in schedules to offset cost and contribute to bottom-line success. In fact, paid advertising can essentially underwrite the total production cost of a schedule. Being able to offer full-color ad pages will attract more advertisers. Using our digital technology facilities ad changes on a frequent basis.

Making the most of the opportunity.

The capacity to use on-demand printing for colorful, highly useful schedules can be put to work for any municipality managing public transportation. Schedules can be produced for bus lines and more.

Additional Government Marketing: Emergency Number Sheets; Jury Duty Notice; Parking Permit; Political Flyer; Property Tax Form; Raffle Tickets; Town Hall Meeting Notice; DOT Vendor Validation; Hunting License; Centennial Poster, Civil Service Test Booklet; Newsletter; Training Manual; HHS Pamphlets; Staff Directory.

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